In Kokshetau Higher Medical College, the training of specialists in the specialty "Dentistry" is carried out, the term of study is 2 years 10 months.

The necessary previous level of education in the specialty “Dentistry” is general secondary education for those who wish to master the educational program.

Normative period of development of the professional educational program.

On the basis of general secondary education


Mid-level specialist

0304023 - "Dentist"

2 years 10 months

Graduates of this educational program are given the qualification "Dentist", which allows future specialists to:

  • to carry out prevention of dental diseases;
  • to perform procedures in accordance with the standards to ensure the safety and quality of medical services in the field of dental activities;
  • to consult the patient and his family on issues of maintaining and promoting health;
  • to carry out diagnostics and treatment of patients of a therapeutic, surgical, orthopedic profile in dental activities;
  • to carry out an X-ray examination for various diseases of the maxillofacial area.