The Kokshetau higher medical College trains specialists in the specialty "Nursing".

The necessary previous level of education in the specialty "Nursing" is general secondary education for those wishing to master the educational program.

Normative period of development of the professional educational program.

On the basis of secondary education

Mid-level specialist

0302033 – «Nurse of general practice»

3 years 10 months

On the basis of general secondary education


Mid-level specialist

0302033 – «Nurse of general practice»

2 years10 months

Graduates of this educational program are awarded the qualification of "Nurse of general practice", which allows future professionals:

  • to define the tasks and schedule nursing and first-aid activities of basic complexity with the target;
  • to implement and document the main stages of the nursing process in patient care;
  • to apply technologies of safe evidence-based nursing practice in the provision of patient-centered nursing care;
  • to comply with the requirements of infection control, infectious safety of patients and medical personnel in the structural units of health organizations;
  • to perform preventive, therapeutic, diagnostic measures prescribed by a doctor in a hospital organization, prepare tools and assist the doctor during complex manipulations;
  • to be responsible for their own training, professional development and training of junior medical personnel in the nursing and pre-medical field, to use new knowledge and technology in their professional activities;
  • registration of accounting and reporting documentation of the structural unit of the hospital and outpatient organization;
  • to organize an outpatient doctor appointment (preparation of the workplace, devices, tools, preparation of individual maps of the outpatient patient, forms, prescriptions, conduct a preliminary collection of anamnesis, a preliminary examination of patients);
  • to prepare the patient for laboratory, functional, instrumental methods of research;
  • to manage the work of junior medical staff in the nursing and pre-medical field with the adoption of partial responsibility for the result of their actions.