Laboratory diagnosis

In Kokshetau Higher Medical College, the training of specialists in the specialty "Laboratory Diagnostics" is carried out, with a training period of 2 years 10 months.

The necessary previous level of education in the specialty “Medical Laboratory Assistant” for those who wish to master the educational program is general secondary education.

Normative period of development of the professional educational program.

On the basis of general secondary education


Mid-level specialist

030501 3 - "Medical laboratory assistant"

2 years 10 months

Graduates of this educational program are awarded the qualification of "Medical laboratory assistant" which allows future specialists to:

  • to conduct laboratory clinic biochemical, microbiological, histological, immunological, research of biological materials, to participate in quality control;
  • to carry out laboratory monitoring of the environment and production environment, control in the field of food safety;
  • to consult patients on issues of preparation for laboratory, functional, instrumental methods of research;
  • to possess the method of analysis and statistical processing of the information received;
  • to use regulatory documents, be ready for the change of technology in their professional activities;
  • to promote healthy lifestyles and hygienic education of the population;
  • to provide first aid for emergency conditions;
  • to determine the average and relative values in medical statistics, extensive and intensive indicators of visibility and correlation.